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7 Reasons to hire a birth photographer

 If the words birth photography makes you cringe, trust me, you are not alone. Many people just don’t understand what it was or why anyone would want to capture such graphic photos to look back on later in life. It isn’t just photographs of the the process of birth itself but all the precious moments leading up to it.  If you are unsure about whether to take the leap and get a photographer, here are a few reasons that myself and many other women choose to have a professional photographer for the birth of a baby.


1.We all know that memories can fade..especially with all of the hormones, endorphins and sleep deprivation that comes along with being a new mother.  So many of the details of your baby’s birth story will fade. By having professional photographs, you’ll be able to look back and remember with perfect clarity.

2. When you hire a birth photographer you are freeing up your birth team to help you during your labour and so they can truly be present. Besides, they are part of your birth story and should be included in the images as well.

3. Your birth photographer will chronologically document each detail of your birth, helping you to remember when and how things happened. This is a huge help in writing your birth story or trying to remember everything that happened and when.

4.  Look, after you have your baby the last thing you want to do is cull and edit your images, (trust me I know). Hiring a birth photographer means you don’t have to worry about a thing. Your photographer will have all of your images edited and in some cases added to a beautiful slideshow.


5.  A birth photographer is able to document the whole story, including things that you may never see without the photos. Things like family waiting in the waiting room or a sibling trying to sneak a peek, and the best thing.. the look on your face the moment you first meet the sweet baby.

6. It happens fast! One minute you’re going about your day and then bam, you’re holding your baby! Okay, well, maybe not that fast, but it sure feels like it when it’s over. Having photographs of your baby’s face right after birth, her floppy little ears, his little cone head, all those things that change so much just hours after delivery ensures that you will always be able to remember exactly how they looked the first time you met.


7. You won’t regret doing it.. but you may regret not having a professional capture your birth story. When my son was born in 2012 birth photography was fairly new to me and I didn’t think I wanted it, I thought I would remember everything perfectly and not need images. I do have some photos my doula took of my son’s birth but I regret not having professional photos of the entire birth story including capturing my doula’s role.